Upcoming Webinar I The super NOVA principle: a practical guide to an efficient electricity grid

Webinar 13 December 2022, 14.00-15.30 CET

While the energy efficiency first principle is getting more and more attention in the fit for 55 package, there is a growing understanding that this principle needs to be applied to the energy system as a whole. How can the energy system be run as efficiently as possible, while planning for a rapid scale-up of renewables and increasing electrification, and keeping costs as low as possible? It is obvious that the electricity grid is an essential part of this efficiency gain.

Technologies are at hand, but not used to go for a fast optimization of the existing grid. The latter might not be perfect, yet it is there, and before expanding it, which takes time, actions are possible fast, economically, now.

For some time already, a number of countries have adopted the NOVA principle in order to tackle the efficiency of the grid infrastructure. This principle means optimization ahead of reinforcement ahead of building new lines. In this event, we will look at how optimization, reinforcement and more lines fit together and provide practical use cases.


Speakers to be announced soon