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About Us

Our Vision

A European power network using ​innovative grid technologies ​to realise an efficient, renewable and decarbonised power system ​

What is CurrENT?

CurrENT is the key industry association representing innovative grid technology companies operating in Europe.

Our members are taking Europe’s power network to the next level – developing and supplying innovative technologies that optimise and maximise use of the existing electricity grid.

These next-generation solutions advance the transition toward a decentralised, distributed and active power network: the future for Europe’s electricity industry.

We are proud to be part of Europe’s energy sector: a hugely dynamic and intelligent industry that embraces change, thinks laterally, and is the envy of the world.

By enabling the integration of an increasing share of renewables, as well as helping implement COP 21, the European Green Deal and Clean Energy Package, currENT members are collectively playing our part in shaping this exciting future for the benefit of all Europeans.

Our members are taking Europe's power network to the next level

How are we different?

CurrENT is a non-profit association that invites Europe-bound grid technology companies to join forces.

We consider transparency and stakeholder interaction as key ingredients for new solutions.

As part of the European regulatory stakeholder landscape, we assume our responsibility and make our voice heard, while listening to others.

Why is maximising existing electricity assets so critical?