Our vision is a European power network that is the recognised world leader in enabling decarbonisation through the efficient use of modern grid technology.


We believe that renewable generation, coupled with electrification, is the ‘first order’ solution for the economic decarbonisation of Europe. Renewable-based electricity solutions can meet, by 2050, more than 70% of our total energy needs. As to make the ‘can do’ a ‘will do’ we need powerful climate proof power grids. Such grids are already possible today.


Power networks – both transmission and distributions – have to become even stronger enablers and accelerators of the energy transition.

Our seven recommendations to policy makers:

  • Align regulation with European long term (2050) energy, climate and social policy
  • Accelerate near-term investments that future proof and strengthen resilience of power grids
  • Optimise existing grids and build new ones where needed
  • Use Social Cost Benefit Analysis when assessing power network investments
  • Increase transparency in network development and operational procedures
  • Opt for an output-based regulatory approach, and incentives and obligations for license holders to trial and implement new technologies
  • Develop a structured, transparent, and collaborative approach to qualification of innovative solutions