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Open Letter on Power System Needs Report

September 2020

CurrENT promotes greater use of rapidly deployable or short-term solutions, more focus on internal reinforcements, more flexibility to adapt existing projects if better solutions are identified, and above all priority for optimisation and reinforcement of grids in the TYNDP (Ten Year Network Development Plan) processes. 

These and further points were addressed in our open letter to ENTSO-E on 15 September 2020 as a response to ENTSO-E’s draft report ‘Completing the map – Power system needs in 2030 and 2040’.  

Our four key points for further improvement of the report are:

1. Project Promoters must have the flexibility to adapt, change or propose new solutions if a better solution becomes available or is identified

2. The value of smaller internal reinforcements must be recognised; the focus should not only be on large infrastructure projects

3. The ‘cost of delay’ must be reflected in the assessment of TYNDP projects, and flexible solutions must be fairly valued

4. Europe needs a coordinated roadmap for offshore grids in order to reach decarbonisation by 2050


Read our full Open Letter on the Power System Needs Report here.