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30th October 2020 @ 11am CET

This webinar puts infrastructure in the perspective of electrification, available and needed innovation, (COVID) constrained budgets, and the need to accelerate the uptake of renewables and the implementation of Europe’s Green Deal.

Optimised power grids together with the deployment of more grids are a central response to the above challenges.

This is the first of a series of three currENT webinars focusing on the role of optimised power networks for delivering the Green Deal. It takes place the day after the Infrastructure Forum of the European Union.

Speakers include:

  • Susanne Nies, Board Chair of currENT, General Manager Germany Smart Wires: introduction and panel moderator.
  • Henriette Nesheim, Policy Officer, DG ENER: presenting the current regulatory updates on infrastructure (TEN-E Regulation), results of the Infrastructure Forum on network optimisation, offshore, and infrastructure, and put this in the context of the European Green Deal.
  • Alberto Pototschnig, Deputy Director, World of Practice, Florence School of Regulation: providing the perspective of the FSR on the TEN-E regulation review.
  • Marie Hayden, Managing Director Europe Smart Wires: presenting technology solutions in the context of the climate imperative.
  • Giles Dickson, CEO Wind Europe: insisting on the needed solutions for the uptake of wind power and renewables.
  • Hakön Borgen, Chair RDIC, ENTSO-E: presenting priority areas of ENTSO-E on infrastructure challenges and react to the other speakers.

After introductory statements, the panel will discuss the following topics:

  • What are the challenges for System Operators in the near-term (2025) and longer-term (2050)?
  • How should we factor the ‘cost of delay’ of solutions into social cost benefit analysis and network planning?
  • Optimisation of grids – what does it mean? Why is it important now? Is the NOVA principle relevant at European scale?
  • How to implement the 70% MinRam in power networks? Can optimization help?
  • What updates for TEN-E and for the uptake of new solution in networks are needed in regulation?