Our Objectives

“currENT member companies are driven by a common goal: to speed up the green energy transition.”

Our objectives are:

currENT members want to see Renewables take up massively, climate change mitigated successfully, while security of supply is kept high and costs kept low.

We see power networks at the core of, and as the basis for, a successful energy transition.

We achieve our common goal – to speed up the green energy transition – through the following actions:

Generate Awareness

Of new grid edge technologies; the benefits, opportunities and challenges. We wish to bring new game-changing solutions to the table.

Move Policy

We contribute to future-proof regulatory frameworks that speed up the adoption of alternative proven solutions for the benefit of all Europeans.

Enhance Technology

We introduce, and where needed, trial new technologies; learning from each other through European benchmarking.


In acting collectively through our association we stand up for the principles of transparency and stakeholder interaction.