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currENT’s new response to ‘Revamping the SET Plan’ call for Evidence

The SET Plan has played a crucial role in implementing the research, innovation, and competitive dimension of the Energy Union, and guiding national research efforts in the NECPs. Going forward, the revamped SET plan will support speeding up the development and deployment of clean energy technology in alignment with the goals of the EU Green Deal, Fit for 55, REPowerEU, and the new European Research Area (ERA) agenda. Below are six key recommendations from currENT, the voice of innovative grid technology companies in Europe, on what is needed to make the revamped SET Plan a success.

The six recommendations include:

  1. Include system/infrastructure efficiency as a cross-cutting issue in the SET Plan
  2. Optimisation of electricity networks is key to reaching EU targets in time
  3. Look ahead at what electricity grid and energy infrastructure will help achieve the 2050 Net Zero goal
  4. Better alignment between SET Plan and National Energy and Climate Plans
  5. The new SET Plan needs a clear governance structure with clearly defined roles for stakeholders and transparent processes
  6. The new SET Plan needs to make space for enhanced discussion with stakeholders and experts

Access the full consultation here: