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Layla Sawyer appointed first Secretary General of currENT Europe

March 2022

currENT, the association of innovative grid technology companies, has appointed Layla Sawyer as its first Secretary General.  

Layla Sawyer studied sustainable business and innovation at the University of Utrecht. In her previous roles, she led business development at smartEn, and as a Dutch national worked on broader climate issues in the Netherlands. Now at currENT, she will prioritise innovative grid technologies. currENT’s membership includes 9 companies working on new solutions for DSOs and TSOs, including Dynamic Line Rating, Superconductor cables, Flexible AC Transmission System Devices, sensors, and other technologies.   

“I’m very excited to lead currENT and support its take off as a ‘new kids on the block’ association.  In order to reach Europe’s decarbonisation goals, we need to ensure that we use our existing electricity grid as efficiently as possible, and build new solutions into the next generation grid as well. Through currENT’s members, more renewable energy can be brought to the system in a much shorter time-frame.  These technologies are also complementary, as a recent study by Consentec has shown. They help customers reduce their bills while making the system safer, more flexible and greener.” 

Susanne Nies, board chair of currENT: “I am delighted that we could hire such an outstanding personality for our young association currENT. Layla Sawyer is a well-known expert on climate issues and on energy system matters, highly respected in the Brussels energy and climate environment.” 

In the next months, currENT will focus on the Fit for 55 Package, on the collaboration with ENTSO-E and EUDSO, and with Wind- and Solar Power Europe. “Renewables have to rise substantially and making the most of the power grid is decisive in getting them into the system” concludes Susanne Nies.  

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