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Conclusions | A Grid to Decarbonise Europe

6 March, 2024

CurrENT, the European association of innovative grid companies, presented the results of new research from KU Leuven and the University of Strathclyde, on the feasibility and value proposition for a European overlay DC grid. Supernode presented a technology agnostic analysis of an optimal decarbonised European grid. The results were discussed in relation to the EU Action Plan for Grids and ENTSO-E’s recently launched Offshore Network Development Plans – all vital elements for achieving a decarbonised European energy system.

When: 6th of March 2024, 9:30am   Where: Brussels L42 Business Centre & Workshop Space, Online

The Speakers at the event spoke about a variety of topics relating to decarbonising Europe’s grid:

  • John Fitzgerald, CEO SuperNode – Presented the grid challenge and a technology agnostic model of a decarbonised European Network.
  • Professor Dirk Van Hertem, KU Leuven – Overview of the current technologies that are available, and whether current technology can deliver decarbonisation. 
  • Professor Lie Xu, University of Strathclyde – Study demonstrating the first ever feasible approach to a continental-scale meshed DC overlay grid. 
  • Eoin Hodge, Chief Engineer, SuperNode – Discussed next generation superconducting cables and the ways in which they can fill the grid technology gap.                
  • Antje Orths, Chief Engineer Energinet, and Core Group Convenor ENTSO-E – Presented ENTSO-E’s first ever Offshore Network Development Plans for 2024.                              
  • Eric Lecomte, DG ENER – Presented the EU Action Plan for grids.