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New currENT report: how to model innovative grid technologies

Modelling the power system is of the utmost importance to enable adequate studies and ensuring interoperability among them is key to integrating different technologies, both hardware and software, seamlessly in the power system. However, innovative grid technologies, such as those described in this report, are often not accounted for in models that form the basis for studies related to operational planning and system development, such as ENTSOE’s Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP). The limited modelling of innovative grid technologies in different power system analysis applications prevents TSOs and any other entities from testing the applicability of these devices or the effect of their control functions while performing system development or connection studies.

currENT has therefore launched an effort to promote standardised modelling for innovative grid technologies, in order to ensure that best practices or standardized generic models are available to interested entities to correctly represent these innovative grid technologies.

This report focuses on the modelling of SSSC and high capacity superconductor DC cable technologies as provided by currENT member companies Smart Wires and SuperNode respectively. currENT is convinced that by enabling the modelling of these technologies, organisations that plan and operate the power system will be encouraged to study the impact of these technologies and to have more alternative approaches when innovating the power system.

Read the full report and recommendations here.