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The Benefits of Innovative Grid Technologies: Make Europe Fit for 55

On the 8th of December 2021, currENT and Consentec published  a new study on how innovative grid technologies can reduce network congestion and contribute to Europe’s Fit for 55 targets.

The report is available below.

Key Outcome

  1. The ambitious energy transition towards net zero, with a 55% decrease in CO2 emissions by 2030, rising electrification, and more than a 40% share of renewables require a fit for purpose affordable and secure power network that adapts and makes use of the best technologies available.
  2. The study and the related scenario show that the combination of Dynamic Line Rating, M-SSSC and Superconductors reduces the congestion and redispatch costs by more than 90% and the congestion-related curtailment of renewables infeed by 3 TWh in 2030. The value of further benefits when using these innovative technologies that might range from im-proved integration of markets, reduced congestions, and price differences to faster employ-ment of renewable generation, faster electrification of fossil fueled consumption and more emission cuts, have not been part of this study.
  3. While each of the innovative technologies will help optimize the power network individually, our study shows in addition the complementary benefit of those technologies.
  4. Efficiency and optimization using innovative technologies and the investments in reinforce-ment and expansion of networks, should be considered together to ensure a secure and cost-efficient green energy transition to society.